Vietnam – Anti-electrocution protection liners for birds.

ENVERTEC S.L. expands its presence in the Asian market by exporting to Vietnam CAON-KORWI® Silicone Liners, intended for protection against electrocution of birds, after reaching a distribution agreement through one of the largest companies in the sector.

In a country where 70% of its territory is made up of forests and wetlands, with the 16th highest biodiversity index in the world, this first batch of 8,775 liners supplied by ENVERTEC will help to preserve birdlife, prevent fires and avoid power cuts.

The increase in the proportion of households with access to electricity, from 2.5% in 1975 to 99.53% in 2019, is considered the greatest achievement since its unification, especially in reaching more than 17 million families in rural, remote, border and island areas.

Improving the quality of life of this rural population contributes to :

Increasing harvest productivity, using machines to replace human power.
Promote typical products and create new jobs.
Access to audio-visual media, which are increasingly used by all rural families, thus improving their cultural life and knowledge.