Assured Traceability

Innovation and Advantages


Innovation in DESIGN:

  • Unique body lining design with shell-shaped opening.
  • Enabling accesses and spaces to facilitate installation and adaptation.
  • Simple removal of excess parts with simple tools.
  • Simple and safe closing systems, with double cone bolts that allow closing and opening for subsequent inspections or maintenance, without affecting the effectiveness of the closing.
  • Indelible, visible and more complete marking on each device and its packaging, with the incorporation of QR codes that allow access to installation videos.

Innovation in PROCESSES:


  • Own design (Spain).
  • Specific production plan in our Authorized Production Center.
  • Qualification of suppliers, raw materials, equipment and systems.
  • Traceability of each Device through Individual Marking:






Each ENVERTEC®_CAON-KORWI® device indelibly incorporates – in an external and visible place – the brand, model reference, Lot No., the year and month of manufacture, as well as the nominal voltage. Together with each adaptation it is possible to request (*) the QUALITY, TRACEABILITY and RECYCLING ASSESSMENT REPORT of the reference batch, which will provide us with essential data (such as silicone batch numbers that have intervened in the manufacturing process), to control the Traceability of these devices and instructions to correctly recycle them at the end of their useful life. (*) Contact our Quality Department to request these reports.

Supplied with PRE-INSTALLED Fixing Bolts, designed for a secure closure that can be opened and closed without damage to the protector – until reaching their final location and in subsequent inspections. Ease of assembly without the need for tools or special tools.

 Installation Example:

Easy to cut with scissors or cutter, to eliminate excess sections and adapt the devices to the existing assembly. Inclusion of QR Codes in instructions and packaging for access to on-site installation videos.

The Devices are equipped with open sections that allow their installation in a simple way on staples, ball joints and insulators. In its design, tabs have been eliminated that prevent the perfect coupling of the devices on glass insulators.

The flexibility of the silicone allows the material to adjust to the requirements of the elements in tension, absorbing pins, hinges, staples …, allowing closure in situations in which it would not be possible to do so with other devices and allowing the service operation of the cutting and maneuvering elements, such as DISCONNECTORS and XS CIRCUIT BREAKERS.

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