Composite Polymeric Insulators M.V.-H.V.

Range 15 kV – 40 kV

Taylor´s Solutions

Our Technical Department can supply these insulators «On Demand», according to customer’s drawings or technical specifications in Hardware, External Silicone Coating, Leakage Line, dimensional and design characteristics required.

ENVERTEC controls all stages of the production process, from the Design based on the applicable regulations and customer requirements, Production and Process Control, establishment of the corresponding Individual and Sampling Tests, to the final design of the most efficient and ecological type of packaging depending on the type of product and the most suitable means of transport for your delivery needs in the stipulated incoterms.


Suspension Insulators – Use on overhead lines 15-300kVPIN Insulators – Use on overhead lines 15-138kVPost Insulators – Use on substation 15-140kV

Bird Protection Insulators – Use on overhead lines 15-72,5kVPolymeric Spacers – Use on overhead lines 15-132kV

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