Our Timeline


Envertec S.L. attended the AENOR AEN/CTN207/SC7-11/GT Birdlife committee meeting as a member. Participation in the drafting of specific regulations.

Iberdrola supplier

ENVERTEC S.L. is registered as a supplier of IBERDROLA with the registration number 116.563.

Qualified Supplier ADIF ABB

ENVERTEC. S.L , has been qualified as Supplier by the companies ADIF and ABB, being part from this moment of the register of suppliers of both companies. The scope of this qualification includes the supply of Polymeric Insulators and EPOXY Resin Insulators.

Nicaragua M.V. New supplies


ENVERTEC. S.L. closes an agreement with the principal Group Storekeeper of the Country for the Distribution in Exclusive of his products in Nicaragua and proceeds to the supply of 2.280ud. of Polymeric Insulators, together with 2.376ud. of Self-valvular Lightning Rods, destined to be installed in the Network of Distribution of Medium Voltage of Company operating in the country:


ANGOLA M.V. / H.V. New Supplies

ENVERTEC S.L , to proceed to the supply of 2.150 units of Polymeric Insulators of Medium and High Tension, 36kV – 66/72,5kV, of type Suspension, Rigid and Support of Substation, with destination to the works that Portuguese companies are realizing in Luanda.

Birdlife Protection in Mexico


Protection of Installations and Continuity of Electrical Service in MEXICO – Birdlife Protection & Anti-Electrocution MV Grid C.F.E..

CAON®-KORWI® brand SILICONE devices model SPPMX336 have been specifically developed to prevent bird electrocution and to solve the problems of service interruptions in M.V. networks (13<34,5kV) of the C.F.E. M.V. network. (13<34,5kV) of the CFE network in Mexico. These protectors are suitable for simultaneously covering the PD type rigid insulator and the ACSR conductor.

HV TEST S.A. monitoring program via GPS of Imperial Eagle in AGUAS CALIENTES.

Certification ENVERTEC S.L. according to UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015.


Certification ENVERTEC S.L. according to UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015.

ENVERTEC S.L. updates his SGC to adapt it to the new version 2.015 of the Norm UNE-EN-ISO 9001, and obtains the corresponding certification on the part of the organism of control EQA, accredited by ENAC.

Costa Rica New Supplies


ENVERTEC S.L., proceeds to the manufacture and supply of 3.971 units of CAON®-KORWI® Polymeric Circuit Breakers, – model FCOP-36100 -, destined to the Costa Rica Institute of Electricity – ICE – , after passing the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), carried out by the technical responsible of the tender and in presence of the representatives of our Exclusive Distributor for Costa Rica.

Iberdrola Awards

ENVERTEC S.L. has been awarded with a contract by IBERDROLA DISTRIBUCIÓN ELECTRICA S.A.U. for the supply of High Voltage Polymeric Insulators, – VERY STRONG Pollution Level – , CAON®-KORWI® brand.

The duration of the supplies related to this contract has been established for the period 10 / 2017 – 10 / 20.

New in-house 100kV High Voltage Test Laboratory

Since last August/2018 , ENVERTEC S.L. has an internal Laboratory in its facilities in Granada (Spain) , which allows it to perform HIGH VOLTAGE DIELECTRIC STRENGTH TESTS (1 – 100kV) , and LEAKAGE CURRENT MEASUREMENT (0.1 – 100mA) , simulating Real Service Conditions.

This laboratory has been installed in accordance with the specifications of the UNE-EN 50191 Standard, and all its equipment has a Calibration Certificate issued by TRESCAL (Tecnalia).

ENVERTEC S.L. recommended by Ecoticias.com, the green newspaper.


Ecoticias.com, the «green newspaper», a leading publication since 2004, with more than 6,000,000 visits per year audited by OJD, has included our company in its special on the «Best Environmental Companies». In the interview published by this media last January 31st , our most representative features were analysed: trajectory, international projection, products, and future plans, among others.

In the same way, the contribution to the environment on the part of ENVERTEC S.L. was deepened. through one of our most representative families:  Bird Protection Systems Antielectrocution 


New Certifications for CLASS I Bird Protection Silicone Covers – 2nd Category Lines (≥30 and ≤66kV) – issued by AENOR.

The list of ENVERTEC® Birdlife Protection Silicone Covers  certified in accordance with AENOR Specification 0058:2016 , «Birdlife protection silicone covers  for overhead distribution lines», has been extended with the issue of certificate No. A30/000121 , which includes the first Class I sheaths to be certified. This certificate covers the models SPSF6 (multi-suction, switchgear and SF6), STY300D (Double Yokes), STSC13 (Tie/Compression Clamps), SPSC13 (Suspension Clamps), SAP (compression connector/splice) as well as our SWP-38 bare conductor sheath.

Bird Protection Systems at 39th Edition of CONCAPAN in Guatemala

ENVERTEC S.L., together with its Official Distributor for the region, was present at the 39th Edition of CONCAPAN , held in GUATEMALA from 20th to 22nd November 2019 as well as at the International Electrical Industry Fair – FISE – the most important specialized event of the electrical industry in COLOMBIA , held from 4th to 6th December.

The attendees had the opportunity to examine our products and to be informed about the latest developments for each of our exhibited product families:  Silicone Covers V0Bird Protection Insulators – Polymer Phase SpacersPolymer Phase Spacers.

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