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New Long Ball Joint Liner R16P

New Lining Accesory for Long Ball Joint R16P Introducing our new cover accessory, model STSC16P. The STSC16P has been designed as an accessory for the STSC model cover, in those insulator chains with GA-1 and GA-2 deadend clamps equipped with R-16P type long swivel. It can be used in chains with bird protection insulators (Fig.1) [...]

Global EPD

We are pleased to inform you that we have obtained the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certified by AENOR, which includes the environmental information relating to the life cycle of our medium voltage polymer insulators, both for those intended for use in conventional networks and for our insulators for specific use in AVIFAUNA Special Protection Areas. [...]

Class V0 flame-retardant, anti-electrocution covers

Class V0 flame-retardant, anti-electrocution covers We are pleased to inform you that our CAON-KORWI® Anti-Electrocution Covers have received the flame retardant classification V0, according to EN 60695-11-10:2013\AC:2014 Vertical Combustion Test. This test measures the burning time of a sample of the material in which the covers are made - which is fixed vertically - after [...]

Ksela Kit Certified by AENOR

Protectors For Disconnectors "Ksela Kit"  Certified by AENOR We are pleased to inform you that our KIT CAON-KORWI® model KSELA , developed to avoid the electrocution of birds in their interaction with the Overhead Line Disconnectors present in power lines up to 36kV, has been certified by AENOR, and approved by edistribución (ENEL) under the [...]

Birdlife Protection Catalogue 2021

Birdlife Protection Catalogue 2021 We are pleased to share with you our new Bird Protection Catalogue 2021, which is available through the following link: BIRD PROTECTION CATALOGUE 2021 We recommend you download it to your computer - from either of the two links- to easily navigate through the links and directly access the different sections of [...]

Phase Separator Tests

Phase Separator Tests We are pleased to share with you the favourable results of the electrical tests on our DP Series Phase Separators, which have been carried out at the L.C.O.E. Central Electrotechnical Laboratory, in accordance with the UNE 60060-1:2012 and UNE-EN-IEC 61109:2010 standards: Dry Lightning Impulse withstand voltage tests and Industrial Frequency withstand voltage [...]

Catenary Protection Solutions

Catenary Protection Solutions We are happy to present our new models: SWP12 , SWP28 , SPC ,   SPPD ,  and  SPSM , with these bird protection covers we provide a solution to all the variables for the protection of catenary elements that are currently presented in railway installations.  The register of superficial leakage measured in different places on our insulators was significantly [...]

Special Tests- 1.25m New Insulators

Our new Bird Protection Insulators:  U70YB30P_ALA / U70YB66P_ALA models  with 1.25m total insulated surface, have been recently subjected to a Serie of adverse working conditions tests, intended to measure and register the leakage present in different surface of insulator string typologies,  in the context of the studies carried out on AT electrical infrastructures for the evaluation [...]

Apaf with Envertec

The Forest Officers professional Association of Madrid Autonomous Region, also has echoed of the ENVERTEC solutions for bird electrocution prevention. We are very pleased that our products help to preserve the wild life in our country.

Envertec “Better Environmental Companies” the “green newspaper”, which is leading publications since 2004 and got more than 6,000,000 visits per year, audited by OJD, has included our company in its “Better Environmental Companies” special. In the interview, posted on 31January, were analyzed our most outstanding features, trajectory, international activity, products and future plans, among others. Also there was [...]

South American Markets

COLOMBIA- Wildlife preservation and power supply continuity. ENVERTEC S.L. continues consolidating its presence in COLOMBIA  with the CAON-KORWI silicone devices supply. Colombia ranks the first place in the world with the largest number of animal species. The aim is to preserve the wildlife and guarantee the power supply continuity through the insulation of  the conductors [...]

New European Markets SLOVENIA

SLOVENIA- Anti-electrocution Bird Protection Covers. ENVERTEC S.L. presence is growing in the European Market thanks to the export to SLOVENIA of CAON-KORWI Silicone Covers, intended to prevent the wildlife electrocution, in a country where the 60% of its lands are grasslands and forests and with one of the highest biodiversity index of Europe.