New Lining Accesory for Long Ball Joint R16P

Introducing our new cover accessory, model STSC16P.

The STSC16P has been designed as an accessory for the STSC model cover, in those insulator chains with GA-1 and GA-2 deadend clamps equipped with R-16P type long swivel.

It can be used in chains with bird protection insulators (Fig.1) or glass insulators (Fig.1b), completely covering both the R-16P long ball joint and the insulator’s metal rod.

With this new lining, we want to improve the adaptability of our STSC lining to the different possibilities that are presented in the current laying.

Measures have been taken into account to avoid the condensation of humidity in the STSC16P model covers.

In ENVERTEC we appreciate the active participation of installers and distributors to continue in a continuous improvement of our products.