Our new Bird Protection Insulators:  U70YB30P_ALA / U70YB66P_ALA models  with 1.25m total insulated surface, have been recently subjected to a Serie of adverse working conditions tests, intended to measure and register the leakage present in different surface of insulator string typologies,  in the context of the studies carried out on AT electrical infrastructures for the evaluation of the actual solutions efficiency and the study of the safety distance applicable in the infrastructures.

 The register of superficial leakage measured in different places on our insulators was significantly less than others insulators strings typologies, determining that there is a total insulated and safe to birds surface with larger length in this new models vs. other strings insulators.  

 The Dielectric tests at industrial frequency under rain 36kV and 72kV tensions has been made in the OFFICIAL AND CENTRAL ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LABORATORY –(F.F.I.I.)- TecnoGetafe, Madrid. We take this opportunity to thanks them, specially TRAGSA and MITECO.