Protectors For Disconnectors «Ksela Kit»  Certified by AENOR

We are pleased to inform you that our KIT CAON-KORWI® model KSELA , developed to avoid the electrocution of birds in their interaction with the Overhead Line Disconnectors present in power lines up to 36kV, has been certified by AENOR, and approved by edistribución (ENEL) under the code 300028.

KSELA KIT consists of two SCSL model liners to cover the terminals and terminals for voltage input and output, and one SCSLB model cover to protect the exposed and live part of the disconnector blade or moving part of these devices, allowing full operation and normal functioning of the disconnectors.

In addition to the advantages of Flexibility and Hydrophobicity provided by the specially formulated Silicone used in its raw material, one of the most outstanding features of this new KIT is to have a specific and easily identifiable rectangular window that allows easy access with a pole to operate the ratchet and even simultaneously use a LOADBUSTER® type load-opening pole on the hooks incorporated in some of these disconnectors.

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