Technical Specifications & Guarantees

Applied R&D&I for Responsible Installations


CAON®-KORWI® Silicone Covers have been developed as a protective measure against bird electrocution on overhead electric distribution and transport lines with a maximum voltage Um between 15kV and up to 66kV (depending on the model), offering a Phase-Earth dielectric rigidity value of Um/√3.

These devices are designed to be installed on existing lines and on those in which our Bird Protection Insulators models  C3670EBAV_AR , 4803214 and 4803223 cannot be installed.

The aim of these devices is to protect birds from electrocution caused by the bird contacting a conductor and support at the same time, and by the bird contacting two conductors at the same time. These devices are equally effective at protecting overhead lines against other causes of short circuits, such as those caused by tree branches, vandalism, etcetera, avoiding the risk of a fire and electrical service interruptions.

MANUFACTURED WITH   >> SPECIFIC ADVANCED FORMULATION SILICONE (Pg. 75) WITH A HYDROPHOBICITY LEVEL of Hc2. Due to their composition and nature  they repel the build-up of moisture and are permeable to Oxygen. These devices have a minimum silicone thickness of 3 to 3.5mm (depending on the model), ensuring excellent performance under exposure to UV radiation, with no colour degradation or crystallisation, and they are effective even in areas with extremely high saline pollution.  Thanks to their advanced technology, our covers show Lower Leakage Currents, thanks to the hydrophobic properties they transmit to the contaminant layer.

  • GUARANTEE: Our Silicone is Ozone Resistant (UNE EN 60811-403) and thanks to its advanced formulation it can improve its dielectric strength (Pg. 75) after passing the 1000h Weathering Test – UNE EN 60243-1. In addition, the 5 000h Weathering  Tests , -IEC 6119 Annex C- , performed at the STRI (Sweden) Laboratory – which include the harmful effects of Saline Fog – allow us to estimate the service life of our covers at a  minimum of 20 years.
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY AND SUSTAINABLE: The material used to manufacture the covers is a safe inert material, containing no microbial agents and giving off no contaminants to the surrounding environment. It can be easily recycled at the nearest waste collection point. The packaging is made with recycled carton sealed with organic paper adhesive tape.

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