Class V0 flame-retardant, anti-electrocution covers

We are pleased to inform you that our CAON-KORWI® Anti-Electrocution Covers have received the flame retardant classification V0, according to EN 60695-11-10:2013\AC:2014 Vertical Combustion Test.

This test measures the burning time of a sample of the material in which the covers are made – which is fixed vertically – after it has been in contact with a 50W flame for 10 seconds. The V0, V1 and V2 tests determine the degree of self-extinguishing of a material.

Classification V0: The fire extinguishes within 10 seconds without dripping.

V1 classification: Fire extinguishes in 30 seconds without dripping.

Classification V2: The fire is extinguished within 30 seconds with dripping.

It can be seen the importance of using material certified under grade V0, due to the high level of safety it offers as it has the best self-extinguishing properties, thus avoiding the occurrence of forest fires, also considering that these covers are sometimes installed in places of high ecological value.

These tests were carried out in the Safety Laboratories of the TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION FOUNDATION, in the presence of an AENOR auditor.