Silicone Tapes Series

Applied R&D&I for Long-Lasting Installations

Design and Installation Features:

Our silicone self-vulcanising tape with its unique formulation is capable of offering a phase to earth insulation level of up to 15 kV, with a 66% overlap between turns and 10% elongation.

If this level of insulation needs to be increased, a second layer (1.0mm thick tapes), with an overlap of 66% between each turn and in the opposite direction allows a level of insulation between phase and earth of up to 35 kV.

The self-adhesive characteristics of self-vulcanising tapes allow them to be applied without tools or heat on bare rigid or flexible cables, and on asymmetrically shaped live elements in a simple way, providing excellent dielectric insulation even under the most severe conditions. They weld in 1 minute and are fully effective after 24 hours since application.

Their exclusive formulation makes them resistant to high temperatures (passing flammability tests at over 650ºC), contact with high ozone concentration levels, and they are resistant to UV radiation – passing the 1000h Weather Test (UNE EN 60243-1); they do not suffer from colour degradation or crystallisation and they repel moisture build-up and are permeable to oxygen.

Given the nature of them, they are effective even in areas with extremely high saline pollution and with their advanced technology they display Lower Leakage Currents thanks to the hydrophobic properties they transmit to the contaminant layer.

They can removed much easier than other materials available on the market, which require significant manpower and damage the covered item when removed.

Our tapes are mainly available in 2 standard formats, and can be manufactured in different sizes, according to demand (Width x Thickness x Roll Length):




ENV-25/05 : 25mm x 0.5mm x 3m _ ENV-50/10 : 50mm x 1.0mm x 11m _ ENV-75/10 : 75mm x 1.0mm x 11m – Available in GREY or RED.


Thanks to its advanced formulation, our Silicone can improve its dielectric strength after passing the 1000h Weathering Test (UNE EN 60243-1).  In addition, the 5000h Weathering Tests (IEC 6119 Annex C) performed at the STRI Laboratory in Sweden, which include the harmful effects of Saline Fog, allow us to estimate the service life of our products at a minimum of 20 years.

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Installation Example:

> 26.600 units supplied


Application instructions:

1.Once the surface has been degreased, cut appropriate lengths for the sections to be covered.

2.Peel off the plastic separator layer and start winding the tape with a full turn on itself.

3.Stretch the tape moderately (10%) to ensure effective tensioning.

4.Tape in a helix shape so that each layer overlaps 66% of the preceding layer.