Connector  Ampact / Grimpi  GRIMPI  Ø7 – Ø14 mm   

Design Features:

The SAP-110 protective cover is designed for covering up splices performed using AMPACT, GRIMPI or similar connectors, on conductors ranging from 7mm to 14mm ( fig.1).

With a silicone thickness of 3.5 mm, this device has the required and adequate dielectric strength to ensure satisfactory performance throughout its entire service life.



Its clamshell opening design, with 5 locking points by means of pins, (preinstalled on each device), allows easy installation  by hand with no tools required  to cover up existing splices.

Advantages: The design features to avoid moisture condensation and prevent rainwater ingress include: when properly installed, the flap fitted with 3-4 pins is facing down, allowing the evacuation of any moisture as it is not watertight. In addition, the SAP-110 protective cover incorporates two cone-shaped sections which, by means of silicone tape or UV resistant plastic ties and thanks to the  inherent properties of the silicone material,  allow OPTIONAL fitting over the conductor cover, performing a twofold function: on the one hand hindering water ingress, and on the other  providing an additional fixing for the SWP conductor cover, (Figs. 2 & 3) securing it to prevent it from slipping along the conductor.

> 95.639 pcs Installed

2013 - 2023

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