Anti Bird Dropping Protectors  & Animal  Protection Barrier 

Design features

The SD425 protector is made up of two symmetrical parts joined together (Fig.1) that conform an octogon inscribed in a diameter (ØD) of 425 m. Its universal design allows it to be installed on suspension insulator strings, in ceramic, polymeric or glass nature. The exclusive system of adjustable petal neck (Fig. 1 a) enables to be used in metallic insultors caps with a diameter range (ØC) since 25mm -1” (Fig.2) until 100 mm-4” (Fig. 3)

This model is made from the same specifically formulated silicone as our other wildlife protectors,  and  also shared by our polymeric insulators: Type: HTV , with  Hydrophobicity Hc2 , Fire Class V0  , resistant to Ozone and  UV Radiation. A guarantee of performance over time.

Advantages: The SD425  protector is provided with a sufficient angle of fall to ensure drainage and to hinder the accumulation of droppings. The silicone used in their construction does not suffer chromatic degradation or crystallisation, and they are effective even in areas of very high salt contamination.

It is recommended to fix its collar to the insulator cap using our self-vulcanising silicone tape ENV-25/05 , to give the SD425 an extra fixation on both polymeric and glass insulators, (Fig.6 and 7) .

Delivery Format


The SD425 anti-droppings protector are supplied in recyclable cartons holding 6 RAL 3031 red units. Each package includes information on the month and year of manufacture, Batch No, as well as handling, storage and recycling instructions. Inside the carton is a detailed Instruction Manual , for proper installation of the cover.  Includes a QR Code providing access to the field installation video.

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