Arvi-32 Type Glass Pin Insulators  15kV – 36kV MV / HV Networks

Design Features:

The SPAV cover is designed for installation on ARVI-32 type pin insulators; optionally, it can be used on , ARVI-42 and on ceramic pin type insulators on distribution lines up to 36kV.

Its design allows it to fit onto and cover the first shed of the ARVI-32 type insulator so that both the conductor and the ties are fully protected. This fixing is reinforced by the presence of a lower rim that effectively secures it to the insulator shed. Its design has taken into account its volume, which has been adjusted as much as possible to achieve a streamlined shape  that is not affected by the wind and prevents water build-up, while protecting the insulator  form the harmful effects of bird droppings.The silicone thickness used is 3.5 mm, conferring the device the necessary dielectric strength and ensuring its consistent enduring effective performance.
Once the conductor (A) has been covered up with a suitable protective cover for the conductor diameter, this is fitted to ensure the conductor is protected as close as possible to the neck of the insulator. Then the SPAV device is fitted over the first shed of the insulator, so as to cover it completely, and  secured by means of the 4 preinstalled pins provided. The images show our Mod. SWP  silicone conductor cover (B), secured by means of self-welding silicone tape (C).

> 9.380 pcs Installed

2016 - 2023

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