Cover for Bushings OCR / Switches SF6 Substation Transformer 


Design features

The SPSF6 (1) cover is a multifunction device that is designed to cover the live parts of SF6/OCR switches (2),

Surge Arresters and Substation Busbar Support Insulators -among others-, that either have horizontal (3) or perpendicular (4) conductor outputs with an angular deviation between them of 90º or even 135º, in networks of up to 52kV. With a silicone thickness of 3.5 mm, this device has the required dielectric strength to ensure effective performance over time.

Installation:  The SPSF6 cover has 7 outputs arranged at different heights and forming angles of 90º – 135º and 180º between them, allowing it to be installed on virtually any existing assembly (3), (4). Its design with 16 locking points per pin, (pre-installed in each device), allows it to be installed easily by hand, without the need for tools.

> 6.000 pcs Installed

2019 - 2023

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