Cable Terminations for 15kV – 36kV MV / HV Networks


Design features:

The SPEB cover is designed for covering up the energised parts of Overhead/Underground Cable Sealing Ends (Terminations) with vertical, horizontal and even double conductor exit or Bypass (Fig. 2), on distribution lines up to 36kV. The silicone thickness used is 3.5 mm, conferring the device the necessary dielectric strength and ensuring its consistent enduring effective performance.


Once the conductor has been covered up with a suitable protective cover (B), this is fitted to ensure the conductor is protected as close as possible to the terminal (A). Then the SPEB, device is opened and fitted over the termination neck, so that it fully covers the energised parts, and fixed in place by means of the 4 preinstalled pins provided. Then the conductor cover (B) is secured to the SPEB device by means of self-welding silicone tape (C). For configurations where the initially sealed cone-shaped exit is also used, this must be cut open. Once the device has been installed, secure the conductor cover to the cone(s) using tape.

The images show our Mod. SWP  silicone conductor cover (B), secured by means of self-fusing silicone tape (C) .

> 23.200 pcs Installed

2017 - 2023

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