Design features: The SCUV-SCDV  protector KIT is designed to cover both the upper terminal (voltage input) and the lower terminal (voltage output) of the 90º “V” CUT-OUT Circuit Breakers. The inner diameter of the cylindrical sections of each lining model that makes up the KIT allows it to house insulator fins with up to 135mm diameter (Ø5.3”) .

The silicone thickness used is ≥ 3.5 mm , which gives the device the necessary dielectric strength (≤36kV) as well as effective performance over time.

Installation:   Its design with a clamshell opening, with 12 and 9 (Fig.3) bolt closure points respectively – already pre-installed in each protector of the KIT – allows for simple, manual installation without the need for tools on cables. existing.


Its secure closure system using double-cone PINs allows you to easily place the protectors – which can be opened and closed without damage to the protector – until its final location is reached, guaranteeing its permanence and effective protection over time.

Advantages: it has been taken into account that both the protector for the upper terminal SCUV (Fig. 3) and the protector for the lower terminal SCDV (Fig. 3), once installed, guarantee the total operability and normal functioning of the XS CUT-OUT in «V».  The top window of the SCUV protector allows easy pole access to operate the fuse tube, and even simultaneously use a LOADBUSTER® opening pole on the XS hooks.

The longitudinal sliding opening of the SCDV protector [2] allows the fuse tube to rotate freely on the lower terminal and does not interfere with the automatic disconnection maneuver when the fuse link melts.  The flexibility of the material of this lining plays a fundamental role in allowing the fuse tube to be easily removed to replace the damaged fuse link. The outputs for the terminals allow a wide angular range in the arrangement of the connection plates, according to manufacturers, and have an anti-nesting system.

> 600 units installed


The SCUV-SCDV model Cut-Out protectors are presented in recyclable cardboard containers containing 3 KITs in red RAL 3031. Each container is marked with the month and year of manufacture, Batch No., as well as instructions for handling, storage and recycling. The interior of the packaging includes installation accessories and includes an  Instruction Manual for the correct installation of the protector. Includes a QR Code with access to the field installation video.

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