GA-3 Deadend Clamps & Compression Clamps in networks 15kV – 52kV

Design Features:

The STSC13 protective cover is designed to cover the metal ball joint and GA-3 type deadend clamps. (Figs. 1 &2 ).

Its design also allows its use to  cover Compression Clamps, on a conductor size range up to LA-180, on distribution lines from 15 to 52kV. (Fig. 3).

With a silicone thickness of 3.5 mm, this device has the required and adequate dielectric strength to ensure satisfactory performance throughout its entire service life.


Its clamshell opening design, with 13 locking points by means of pins, (preinstalled on each device), allows easy installation by hand with no tools on existing lines. (Fig. 1).

> 8.100 units Sold

2018 - 2023

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