Deadend Clamps Cover GA-1/GA-2  & GA-3 in networks 15kV – 36kV

Design Features:

The STSC12  is designed to cover metal ball joints and GA-1 deadend clamps. (Fig. 1 ). Its design also allows it to be used to cover GA-2 and GA-3 compression clamps, for a conductor size range diameter ranging up to LA-180, on distribution lines from Um 15 to 36kV. (Fig.3).


With a silicone thickness of 3.5 mm, this  device has the required and adequate dielectric strength to ensure satisfactory performance throughout its entire service life.

Installation: Its clamshell opening design, with 11 locking points by means of pins, (preinstalled on each device), allows easy installation by hand  with no tools on existing lines. (Fig. 2).

(Fig. 2)

Advantages: Its design includes features to prevent moisture condensation and rainwater ingress; in addition to the lower rectangular opening, its design includes two sections, a cylinder-shaped and a cone-shaped , which, by means of silicone tape or UV resistant plastic ties and thanks to the  inherent properties of the silicone material, allow fitting over the metal ball joint of the insulator on one side and the conductor cover on the other.


The inherent flexibility and nature of the material allows the device to be easily adapted to the specific needs of each application and to trim excess portions (cylinder-shaped section) depending on the type of insulator installed on the line: Polymer (Figs. A1-A2), or Glass (Figs. B2). For the latter, the cover’s design allows perfect insulation of the metal ball joint.

(Fig. 3)

The lower part (Fig. 3) has a new design to allow the driver to exit while preventing nesting inside.

> 5.300 units installed

2021 - 2023

Delivery Format

Deadend protectors model STSC12 are presented in recyclable cardboard packaging containing 6 units of red colour RAL 3031.

Each package includes information on the month and year of manufacture, lot number, as well as handling, storage and recycling instructions. The inside of the packaging includes a detailed Instruction Manual, for the correct installation of the protector. It includes a QR Code with access to the installation video in the field.

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