Protective Cover For Double Plate Yoke 300×85 in 45kV MV / HV Networks


Design features:

The CAON®-KORWI® STY300D (1) model silicone cover is designed to cover the 300x85mm galvanised double plate yokes, as well as all other metallic parts present: Ball joints, standardised Glass  and Polymer (3) Insulator Pins, and the dual deadend string clamp joint on distribution lines from 15 to 45kV (2).


One-piece cover, equipped with perimeter radii to improve its aerodynamics and a clamshell opening system. It has a closing system with 18 pre-installed pins, which allows it to be installed easily by hand, without the need for tools. These pins have a double-cone system  allowing repeated closing and opening without affecting the effectiveness of the lock or damaging the cover.

> 4.100 pcs Installed

2018 - 2023

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