NEW INTERNAL SHIELDS TECHNOLOGY_Lower surface leakage currents = More safe covers.

Design features:

This protector has been designed to cover metal swivels and clamps on glass or polymer chains. These mooring clips can be stirrup type GA-4, or Compression Clips, with a range of diameter conductors up to LA-380, in overhead lines from U m 15 to 72.5 kV.

The flexibility and nature of the material makes it easy to adapt the device to the needs of each installation and eliminate excess sections (cylindrical section) depending on the types of existing insulators; Polymeric, or Glass, in this last type its design allows the perfect isolation of the metal ball joint, as the glass insulator is <<flush>> on the SPGC4 device.




The SPGC4 incorporates a small water drain in the upper part and has measures for the evacuation of humidity, such as the lower rectangular anti-nesting window. Its design incorporates a conical section, which through the use of silicone tapes, can be adjusted over the driver’s protector, making it difficult for water to enter and providing extra fixation to the SWP type driver linings, ensuring a fixation that prevents that the latter slides over the opening.

> 500 units installed


The SPGC4 model clamps protectors are presented in recyclable cardboard containers containing 2 units in red RAL 3031.

Each container includes information on the month and year of manufacture, Lot Number, as well as handling, storage and recycling instructions. The interior of the packaging includes a detailed Instruction Manual for the correct installation of the protector. Includes a QR Code with access to the field installation video.

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