Accesory for protecctions, use on slack bridges

Design features:

The SCDF model protector (Fig.2) is designed as a drainage lining intended to cover the uncovered live conductor section (L≤175mm [1a] ) that is present in the sag of previously lined slack bridges (Fig.1a),  draining the water flow, which would otherwise be dammed in the sag.

Its particular design (Fig. 2b) gives it a low centre of gravity which facilitates the correct location of the lining on the vertical or sagging bridge span.

The exclusive drainage system, by means of a double-trajectory slide, ensures maximum drainage flow, even in the event of a deviated location on the shaft (2c) or on the vertical of the slack bridge (2d), being effective even in deviations of up to 86º from the vertical of the ground.

The SCDF  models are supplied in recyclable cartons holding 6  RAL 3031 red units. Each package includes information on the month and year of manufacture, Batch No, as well as handling, storage and recycling instructions. Inside the carton is a detailed Instruction Manual (ENV-25/05 + assembly PIN’s)  , for proper installation of the cover.  Includes a QR Code providing access to the field installation video.

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