Cover for Combination of 57-2 / 57-3 / PD Type Post Insulator + ACSR Conductor

Design Features: The SPPMX336 cover has been specifically designed to address the bird electrocution issues and  constant outages on the MV overhead lines   (13<34.5kV) of the   C.F.E. power grid in Mexico. These covers are suitable for simultaneously covering up the PD type post insulators and the ACSR type conductor. The main feature of the  SPPMX336 cover is that it is a  one-piece device (Fig.1) consisting of:

  • A cylinder-shaped middle section whose purpose is to cover a ceramic (Fig.2) or polymer (Fig. 1) insulator with sheds up to 120mm in diameter,  intended to cover up  both the top of the insulator and the tied conductor section.

  • Two cylindrical sections with tapered fitting ends on either side (Fig.4), intended to cover up a total length of 1,050mm . The cylinder has an inner capacity of 39mm , allowing it to insulate the ACSR 1/0_3/0_336 conductor range, together with its metal ties. The silicone thickness used is 3,5 mm, conferring the device the necessary dielectric strength and ensuring its enduring effective performance.

Installation: Its clamshell opening design, with 14 locking points by means of pins, (preinstalled on each device), allows easy installation  by hand with no tools on existing lines. (Fig. 3 ).

> 3.260 pcs installed

2015 - 2023
envertec_type_ post_insulator_acsr_conductor_image1
envertec_type_ post_insulator_acsr_conductor_image3
envertec_type_ post_insulator_acsr_conductor_image2

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