Use on deadend clamps type GA-1/GA-2 with LONG BALL JOINT R-16P


Design Features:

This protector (Fig.1 a) has been designed as an accessory of the STSC model, in those insulator chains with GA-1 and GA-2 deadend clamps equipped with R-16P type Long Ball Joint with a range of 6 to 16mm diameter conductors, on distribution lines up to 36kV. The STSC16P protector can be used in chains with polymeric (Fig.1 ) or glass (Fig.1 b) insulators, completely covering both the long R-16P ball joint and the metal insulator stem.

(Fig. 1b)

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> 2.800 units installed

2022 - 2023

Delivery Format


The STSC16P models are supplied in recyclable cartons holding 6  RAL 3031 red units. Each package includes information on the month and year of manufacture, Batch No, as well as handling, storage and recycling instructions. Inside the carton is a detailed Instruction Manual (ENV-25/05 + assembly PIN’s)  , for proper installation of the cover.  Includes a QR Code providing access to the field installation video.