GS-1 / GS-2  Suspension Clamps in networks 15kV – 36kV

Design Features:

The SPSC protective cover is designed to effectively cover the GS-1 and GS-2 type ball joints and suspension clamps for a conductor size range of 5 to 17 mm  diameter, on distribution lines up to 36kV. (Fig.2)

The silicone thickness used is 3.5 mm, conferring the device the necessary dielectric strength and ensuring its enduring effective performance.


Its clamshell opening design, with 6 locking points by means of pins, (preinstalled on each device), allows easy installation by hand with no tools on existing lines.
Two water draining holes with a 12° depression have been incorporated to minimise potential water ingress. (Fig. 1) .

> 49.500 pcs Installed

2014 - 2023

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