Features:  Lining suitable for housing simple suspension and armed suspension staples. The SPGS6A model lining is made up of two halves that are joined together using pre-installed locking PINs. A system of interior flanges [7] increases the creepage line of the SPGSA6A model lining and protects the conductor from contamination caused by bird droppings and from accidents caused by the intrusion of foreign bodies such as branches or nest remains.

Installation: the CK-SPGSA6A KIT has been developed to be installed, cold or in tension, on glass or polymer suspension chains, thanks to its upper adjustment collar [6] that can be adapted on site for installation on glass insulators.

The coupling cones at the ends of the SPGSA6A liner with the SWP-66 liner have a geometry specifically designed [8] to prevent the intrusion of small birds and their nesting

> 500 units installed


Supply Format: the CK-SPGSA6A KIT is supplied in recyclable cardboard packaging containing 3 units of SPGSA6A model Lining, along with 9m of SWP-66 model lining. Each packaging unit contains 2 rolls of self-vulcanizing silicone tape model ENV-25/05 for fixing the SWP-66 liners to the coupling cones of the SPSGA6A liner and an Instruction Manual with access to the QR of the installation video

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