Conductor covers are available in  four different reference numbers with internal diameters of 12, 16, 22 mm and 38 mm respectively, to cover the range of conductors from LA-31 to LA-280/HAWK.



Installation of the SWP covers is carried out by hand, requiring no tools, following a simple procedure, thanks to the properties of the silicone material they are made of.

The tongue and groove locking design allows a quick, but secure and enduring installation,.

Fitting of the cover is performed by means of AISI-316 STAINLESS STEEL ties, or alternatively using Self-vulcanising Silicone tape, depending on the criteria followed by the local utility. To ensure proper locking of the cover on long sections, self-vulcanising silicone tape must be applied at regular intervals and on the end points.


The nature and flexibility of the silicone used in its manufacture makes it a very easy profile to work with, adapting easily to the requirements of each installation, even when covering arches of reduced radius. The ease and speed of cutting is another of its advantages.
The geometry and size of the SWP profile , appreciably smaller than that of other models on the market , ensures better behaviour in the face of wind incidences , and exceptional response to the effects of snow and ice , due to its hydrophobic component.

Delivery format:

The protectors of the SWP family are presented in recyclable cardboard packaging containing rolls of 20m in length , manufactured in red silicone RAL 3031.

Each pack is clearly identified with the model of protector it contains and also includes information on the month/year of manufacture, lot number, as well as handling and storage instructions. It includes a QR Code with access to the field installation video. The inside of the packaging includes a detailed Instruction Manual, in A4 format, printed in colour on both sides, for the correct installation of the protector as well as its fixing and securing accessories.

416.000m installed

2014 - 2020

Self-vulcanizing tape or AISI-316 Steel Flanges


Installation even on reduced radius arches


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