Design features: 

The SWP-13s model has been designed in accordance with the EETT AENOR EA0058 to operate in networks with maximum service voltage (Um) of 36 kV, and nominal voltage of 30 kV, offering Phase-Earth protection of a value Um/√3, over bare conductors from Ø9.5 (LA-56) to Ø14.5 mm (LA-110).


Once the SWP-13s liner has been cut to the desired length, it is installed on the conductor manually, without the need for tools and in a simple way due to the very nature of the silicone, of which it is composed.  Its spiral design allows for quick installation, ensuring its permanence on the conductor due to the Self-Locking effect given by the design of its profile, and preventing it from moving on it.

At the customer’s request, the fixation of the lining can be reinforced by using our ENV-25/05 Self-vulcanizing Silicone tape, used at one end to fix the lining to the conductor, staple or staple cover lining.


  • The nature and flexibility of the HTV type Silicone, Hydrophobic with Level Hc2 – WC2 of water permeability used in its manufacture makes it a very easy profile to work with, easily adapting to the requirements of each installation. The ease and speed of cutting is another of its advantages.
  • Its design fitted to the driver, as well as the material used in its construction, also presents an exceptional response to the effects of snow and ice , thanks to its hydrophobic component , which effectively repels the accumulation of water, mitigating the appearance of the phenomenon called “ice sleeve.”

Supply format:

The SWP-13s model protector is presented in recyclable cardboard containers containing 20m long rolls, in red RAL 3031 or Gray 7035.

Each container is perfectly identified with the protector model it contains and also includes information on the month/year of manufacture, Batch Number , as well as handling and storage instructions. Includes a QR Code with access to the installation video.

The interior of the packaging includes a detailed Instruction Manual, in A4 format, printed in color on both sides, to carry out the correct installation of the protector as well as the accessories for fixing and securing the closure.

Self-vulcanizing tape "Optional accessory"


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